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A growing number of passengers arrive at Helsinki Airport by train

Article published
28.05.2016 kl 07:20
The long-awaited train connection to Helsinki Airport began operating last July. Taking the train to the airport has steadily grown in popularity – during the first quarter of 2016, already 13 per cent of all passengers who came to Helsinki Airport specifically chose the train as their method of transportation.

The train connection to Helsinki Airport has made transportation easier for passengers. The statistics of HSL show that during February, for example, 93 172 passengers arrived at the airport by train and 90 060 passengers left the airport by train. Using the train has increased rapidly, as the corresponding numbers from last October were 80 594 passengers arriving by train and 73 994 passengers leaving by train.

– Passengers have clearly noticed that the train is a convenient way to travel from Helsinki airport directly into the capital’s centre. The airport’s services and flight routes are now more conveniently available to all, regardless of whether you are going on a trip or just coming to the airport to enjoy the international atmosphere and diverse services, says Helsinki Airport Vice President Heikki Koski from Finavia.

The train connection has also strengthened the status of Helsinki Airport and its services as an international level airport.

– Finavia’s goal is to increase Finland’s and Helsinki’s recognition and appeal as well as to attract more tourists to stay here between their flights. The train connection to Helsinki Airport also supports the growth of stop-over travel, Koski explains.

The train station at Helsinki Airport was completed in March this year when the escalators, the longest in Finland, began operating from the train station to the terminals.