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Finavia to start cooperation with Finnish Olympic Committee

Article published
08.02.2017 kl 07:33
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The eyes of the world's sports fans will be focused on Asia and the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018, Tokyo in 2020 and Beijing in 2022. Finavia will start cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee.

In its role as a partner, Finavia will ensure a smooth take-off and a stress-free preparation for the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics for Finnish athletes. Helsinki Airport will be the last leg in Finland for the Olympic and Paralympic teams on their way to the destination.

“We will support the journey of the Olympic and Paralympic teams from the home airport to the destination, and make sure that athletes and fans have a smooth start. Finavia encourages all athletes to fulfil their dreams, and our airport lives and breathes the Olympics,” says Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia.

Measured by the number of flights to Asia, Helsinki Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe.

Helsinki Airport is an important air traffic hub between Europe and Asia. Measured by the number of flights to Asia, it is one of the largest airports in Europe.

In total, Helsinki Airport offers 17 routes to Asia, Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing included. See all Helsinki Airport flight connections here.

Finavia also played its part when the Finnish Olympic team departed to and returned from the Rio Olympics in August 2016.

Finnair also supports the Olympic and Paralympic teams.

“We are happy to support the journey of Finnish athletes and the Olympic and Paralympic teams on their way to success. We want to offer all athletes the best possible way to prepare for the Olympics and to travel to the final destination” says Juha Järvinen, chief commercial officer at Finnair.
Helsinki Airport prepared for 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki

The Olympics are close to Finavia's heart. Helsinki Airport was built for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. As years have passed, the size of the Olympics and the volume of air traffic have multiplied.

Finavia is continuously developing Helsinki Airport, aiming to serve 20 million passengers annually in 2020. In 2016, the number of passengers at Helsinki Airport exceeded 17 million for the first time.

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