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Helsinki Airport honoured at Finnish Travel Gala

Article published
08.10.2018 kl 16:33
Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema palkittiin Finnish Travel Galassa
Helsinki Airport won the “Most memorable travel or service experience” category at the Finnish Travel Gala on Friday, 5 October.

On Friday, 5 October, the Association of Finnish Travel Agents organised the second ever Finnish Travel Gala with the intention of promoting the significance of the tourism industry in Finnish society. The event celebrated successful tourism companies and operators as well as activities promoting corporate responsibility, innovation, the public image of the industry and other key themes.

Helsinki Airport received an award in the category “Most memorable travel or service experience” with the following comments from the jury:

“At Helsinki Airport, ‘smooth travelling’ has been brought to a new level and implemented in an environment promoting Finnish design and style. The customer experience has been developed by, for example, fulfilling the needs of international passengers with multilingual signs and services. Helsinki Airport plays a vital role in the successful travel experience of numerous Finns; a place where a highly anticipated holiday or business trip can start effortlessly and end smoothly.”

“We are honoured to win this fantastic award. We have worked hard to develop our customer experience, and we are pleased to be recognised for our efforts,” says Finavia’s Joni Sundelin, Director of Helsinki Airport.

At the moment, Helsinki Airport is running a million-euro development programme through which it is preparing to serve 30 million passengers a year.