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Finavia airport’s multi-storey car park has become more energy efficient – new smart lighting will cut energy usage by up to 70%

Article published
28.10.2019 kl 09:00
Parking area P3 sign.
Now the lights in Helsinki Airport’s car park P3A light up only when needed, thanks to the new smart lighting system.
The colour of the lights were also updated from orange to white for better visibility.

Good environmental work is part of Finavia's corporate responsibility. Our Sum of Good Things series highlights details of Finavia's responsibility work. This story is about the new smart lighting system at Helsinki Airport's car park.

Parking has become more energy efficient at Helsinki airport with the introduction of a new LED lighting system in the A-section of the P3 car park. The new system is equipped with sensory detectors that notice passengers and their vehicles and activate only when needed.

Until now, all seven storeys of the P3A car park were lit day and night. Now, with the greener smart parking system, energy usage will only be around 30% of what it used to be. It also recognizes when to light up locally where needed.

From orange to white light

How does the new system benefit passengers when parking at the airport?

“Now, you can see even better!” says Ari Liukkonen, Finavia’s Maintenance Manager. “The entire house is now brighter and more pleasant in colour.”

Previously, the colour of the lighting was more yellow and orange. Now, that has been replaced with white light, which gives better coverage and visibility. Smart sensors detect movement from any angle, which ensures that passengers always see where they’re going, no matter their journey through the car park.

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An airport lit up – one LED at a time

The lighting renovation at the P3 car park is part of a wider effort to improve the lighting systems throughout Helsinki Airport.

If we take all the terminals and parking facilities of Helsinki airport into consideration, more than 17,500 ecological LED lights have been installed. We’re almost halfway there in our process of replacing old light sources with more ecological LED solutions.”

By replacing traditional lighting with LEDs, energy consumption will drop by at least 50%. Smart lighting is a way to decrease energy consumption by up to 80%.

Reducing energy consumption is part of Finavia’s journey towards a more sustainable future. Helsinki Airport became carbon neutral in 2017, and the entire Finavia airport network reached carbon neutrality in 2019.

The electricity used at Finavia’s airports is 100 percent renewable

Finavia revises its goals – all airports to be carbon neutral this year

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