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A service world of the future is the goal of Helsinki Airport

Article published
5.12.2013 at 08:19
A storefront of luxbag store.
The website, which focuses on topical matters in the aviation sector, published news today on the near future plans of Helsinki Airport. The goal of Finavia is to upgrade the airport's passenger services to the international level.

Jukka Isomäki, deputy director, who gave a speech at the II FutuAeroport seminar, said that in November, Finavia started the renovation of its stores in the commercial area serving long-distance flight customers near departure gates 33–35. A totally new area will be created to replace the existing store facilities. The new area will be completed in spring 2014.

The airport has a total of 12,000 square metres of commercial premises, which will increase by about 1,000 square metres during the renovation. The renovation applies to about 11,000 square metres of the facilities.

An international approach with a Finnish twist

Next spring, Finavia will transfer its duty free operations to World Duty Free Group (WDFG), the fourth-largest operator in Europe. WDFG has a solid international reputation and experience. WDFG operates at more than 100 airports in 20 different countries. The first renovated shops of WDFG will open during 2015.

"The customer service development idea is that passengers are guests at the airport."

The renovation will ensure that Finnish products, selection and food remain despite the international operators. The concept is "International with a local sense of place".

We want to stand out from other airports in our own way – by being Finnish.

At the moment, 55% of the passengers at Helsinki Airport are Finnish. Other major passenger groups from elsewhere in Europe are Swedes (6%), Russians (3.9%) and Germans (3.5%). Among faraway countries, the Japanese (2.8%) and Chinese (2.0%) are major passenger groups.

More services through the new railway track

New services will also be available outside the gate area. The first train will arrive at the airport via the Pisara track in 2015. Already at that time, the new station must have services, but not quite a shopping centre.

New shop and cafe to open in Vaasa

Finavia will also renovate other airports. The first instance among them is the cafe and shop renovation completed at Vaasa Airport on 18 December.

Source: (Finavia's and Haaga-Helia's joint FutuAeroport seminar, organised for the second time)