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Athens – a city holiday and island hopping in the same package

Article published
25.7.2015 at 06:00
Boat at marina in Athens.
Ancient Athens provides easy access to the delightful Greek archipelago.

The astounding number of ruins, tasty Greek cuisine, and the hustle and bustle of a metropolis allow travellers to enjoy a city holiday in Greece, although times are tough.

Tourists are given a warm welcome in Greece, and the country has an affordable price level.

In Athens, a city break can be easily mixed with a vacation on any of the picturesque Greek islands.

The port of Piraeus, accessible by metro, has ferry departures every day to popular islands. One of the perennial traveller favourites is an island tour of Santorini−Mykonos−Crete.

During the summer season it’s a good idea to book tickets in advance.

Taverns attract guests to sit down and relax

The Acropolis is rightfully on the list of ‘mandatory’ destinations in Athens. This most significant archaeological attraction of the ancient era is dominated by the temples of the Parthenon and Erechtheion, the latter being famous for its caryatids, or female figures, as supporting columns.

The old town of Plaka, situated right at the side of the Acropolis, attracts visitors with its plentiful taverns and shops to spend the evening and go shopping. It is also the site of many Byzantine churches.

The adjacent Monastiraki used to be a Turkish part of town, as indicated by its many bazaars. The pedestrian street called Ermou, which is about one kilometre long, leads from Monastiraki to Syntagma Square, the heart of modern Athens.

Athens is full of the most attractive taverns, where the atmosphere is often like being in someone’s kitchen at home. Many restaurants begin to fill up only after 10 p.m., especially in summer.

Eleas Gi, a very popular restaurant, is located outside of the city but is definitely worth the trouble. The restaurant’s patio is situated at the top of a hill in Kifisia, and offers a breathtaking view over the city and into the mountains. Many guests choose a tasting menu at the restaurant.

Finnair, Norwegian, and Aegean Airlines have direct flights from Helsinki Airport to Athens as many as six times a week until the end of October.

The airport is located approximately 30 kilometres from city centre. You can take the bus or metro, which are very convenient transport methods. If you are fit, you can easily take in the city centre of Athens simply by walking around.

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