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Vaasa Airport to introduce mobile payments for parking

Press release
Article published
21.7.2020 at 10:20
Vaasan lentoasemalla pysäköinti maksetaan mobiililla
Parking at Vaasa Airport can be paid for using the mobile apps Parkman, Easypark and Moovy.

Finavia is improving the smoothness of its parking services at Vaasa Airport by replacing paper parking tickets with mobile payments. Thanks to the changes to parking services, customers will be able to pay for their parking at the airport using their smartphone.

“By updating our parking services, we are able to improve the smoothness of parking and offer our customers more payment options. By introducing mobile payments, we can also increase the reliability of payments,” says Petri Lampi, Director of Vaasa Airport, from Finavia.

The previously used barriers and traditional payment terminals will be removed from the airport’s parking areas. The mobile apps replacing these – i.e. Parkman, Easypark and Moovy – are already in use at Rovaniemi Airport, Kuopio Airport and Turku Airport.

“Paying for parking will become easier, as customers can now drive their car directly to the airport’s parking area and pay for parking with their smartphone. In addition, switching to an electronic service is also responsible because it allows us to stop using single-use paper parking tickets and reduce the amount of paper waste,” Lampi says.

Two payment terminals will remain in the terminal of Vaasa Airport as an alternative to mobile payment. These can be used to pay for parking in advance.

Finavia is developing its parking services and plans to introduce mobile payments also at Oulu Airport and Tampere Airport. Mobile payments can soon also be used at Helsinki Airport.