Vision and strategy

Finavia is an airport company aiming to make travelling smooth. We develop and maintain passenger terminals and the infrastructure required by air traffic. With our partners operating at our airports, we make passenger travel safe and uncomplicated.

Finavia's network of airports consists of 20 airports across Finland. Of these airports, 18 serve primarily passenger transport, while two serve solely military and general aviation operations.

Helsinki Airport is our main airport and a leading European long-distance and transit hub. It has received a number of international awards and recognitions for its service level. The airports in Lapland have allowed the development of Finland’s travel and tourism industry, and its rise to global fame.

Vision and strategy

Our vision is to offer the best connections between Northern Europe and the rest of the world, and to promote Finland as an attractive and easy-to-reach destination.

All of this can only be achieved if we grow in a responsible and profitable manner. A highly positive customer experience gives us a strategic competitive edge.


How we work:

  • Safely – Safety is the basis for all our operations.
  • For customers – We exceed customers’ expectations through excellent customer experience and a positive customer service attitude.
  • By developing – We have the determination and ability to openly develop ourselves along with our partners.
  • Responsibly – We care for and are responsible for people and the environment.

Customer promise

Our customer promise is “For Smooth Travelling”. It means we will do everything we can to satisfy our customers.

We serve more than 80,000 passengers, and thousands of our other customers and partners every day in both Finland and abroad. Our services make flying and travel easier, offer memorable experiences, and are safe and efficient.

Operating environment

Airport operations are subject to strict regulation. Legislation concerning safety and environmental issues, as well as orders issued by international and national authorities, have a particularly significant impact on Finavia’s cost structure, investments and operations.

Transport between Asia and Europe is expected to grow strongly, and the competition between international airports is getting increasingly tough. To remain a player in the international competition, we are continuously improving the operations and services of our airports.

Air traffic is a globally connected industry. It is the result of the cooperation of thousands of operators whose seamless team play ensures efficient and safe transport connections. Finavia operates as a material part of this chain, which requires countless details to function properly. In this way, our operations enable a sum of good things.

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