Finavia aims to guarantee the accessibility of its online services in accordance with the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

This Accessibility Report applies to Finavia’s customer service channel.

Accessibility status of the digital service

Finavia’s customer service channel fulfils the requirements of level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG). Any instances of non-conformity with the requirements and exceptions applied to the requirements are specified later in the text.

An accessibility assessment of the service has been made by an external expert organisation before the service was published. The detected shortcomings, which Finavia has the ability to have a direct effect on, have been corrected. There are shortcomings in the accessibility of components provided by third parties (e.g. the chat component). Finavia has informed the developers of the components of the detected shortcomings and they will be corrected as soon as possible.

This Accessibility Report will be updated whenever the detected shortcomings are corrected.

Non-accessible content

The following content is deemed non-accessible according to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019). The criterion of the WCAG that is not conformed with is included in parentheses in the descriptions of features with shortcomings.

Chat component

The chat component can be accessed in two ways: Via the Start a chat link and the chat component, the final component of the focus order. Regarding the latter, the focus does not move to the chat component or the screen reader does not interpret it. (2.4.3)

Not all chat buttons receive the focus. These buttons include, for example, the buttons of the Make sure that all the answers are considered notification and the button to close the chat. (2.4.3)

Not all buttons indicate what the button does. These buttons include, for example, the emoji selection button and the button related to file selection. (4.1.2)

The message field does not have a name that a screen reader can interpret on all browsers. (4.1.2)

The focus occasionally moves away from the chat component in an unexpected manner. For example, in order to send a message, the user has to press Enter, which is not clear to the user. The user may end up exiting the chat component when searching for a Send button. (2.4.3)

Search feature

The search feature suggests search results to the user when they are entering the search term. Interpreting the suggested search results is not possible with a screen reader as the reader reads the search term instead of the title of the suggested search result. When the user performs a search, the titles on the search result page are read correctly. This shortcoming in accessibility only concerns the search result suggestion feature, not the search feature itself. All users are provided with the same content as the search results in an accessible format. (2.4.4)

Contact form

Several fields do not have a programmatic name. (1.3.1)

The calendar component used to enter the date does not always work correctly with a screen reader. The user can enter the date with a keyboard, however. (2.4.3)

It is not possible to navigate to the rest of the form from the Feedback or question with a keyboard. When a screen reader is used, this depends on the browser used. The text formatting options cannot be accessed with a keyboard. (2.1.1, 2.1.2)

If new fields are made available to the user based on their choices, the focus does not always move to these fields. (2.4.3)

Status messages are not always given to users who use a screen reader in an accessible format. (3.3.1, 4.1.3)

The reCAPTCHA feature may be difficult to use for users who use a screen reader, depending on the browser used. (1.1.1)


If the service is accessed on a mobile device, the screen reader does not indicate whether the menu is open or closed. (4.1.2)

Preparation of this Accessibility Report

This report was created on 18 January 2021.

This report is based on an assessment performed by an external expert organisation on whether the website conforms with the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services (306/2019).

The report was last checked on 18 January 2021.

Feedback and contact information

Did you notice a lack in the accessibility of our digital service? Tell us about it. We will do our best to fix the shortcoming. We respond to all feedback and questions within 14 days.

You can provide feedback regarding accessibility with this online form (link opens in new window).

How to submit an accessibility complaint or request for clarification

If you are not satisfied with the reply or you receive no reply within two weeks, you can send feedback to Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland gives detailed instructions on how to file a complaint and how they are processed.

Contact information of the regulatory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland
Accessibility Supervisory Unit
tel.: (switch) +358 (0)295 016 000