Checklist for passengers

Here is some advice on what you should take into account before arriving at the airport and what you should do at the airport when departing and arriving.

Before arriving at the airport

When packing your luggage, check our instructions on what you can pack in hand luggage, what you can pack in cargo hold luggage and which items are not allowed on aircraft.

Find out in advance how and when you must check in.

If you would like to guarantee a parking space for your vehicle, you can reserve parking at Helsinki Airport up to 24 hours before your parking begins.

Further instructions for passengers travelling with children or pets, passengers with reduced mobility and parents whose child will be travelling alone.

At the airport

First, check in and drop off your cargo hold luggage to the airline.

When you have checked in and dropped off your luggage, you can proceed to the security control.

Observe the boarding time for your flight that your airline has provided and go to the departure gate by that time at the latest.

The schedule and departure gate of your flight may change. Follow the information regarding your flight on the monitors, the Departing flights pages of the airport website or the mobile app. This will ensure that you do not miss your flight. In accordance with international practice,

Helsinki Airport is a silent airport, and flights are no longer announced over the loudspeakers.

If your destination is a non-Schengen country, your departure gate is located in an area you access via passport control.

All passengers may make purchases and enjoy the restaurant and café services at the airport, regardless of whether you are flying on an international or a domestic flight or returning from a trip. Check your shopping rights here.


When you exit the aeroplane and enter the terminal, go to the luggage reclaim hall.

Once you have picked up your luggage from the conveyor belt, pass through the customs. Check customs regulations here.

If your luggage has not arrived or is broken, please submit a notification at your airline's arrival service counter at the airport or through their online service. Your airline is responsible for luggage handling.

You can find information on local transport connections and services on the arriving flights of each airport.