Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla on pakkauspöytiä, joiden ääressä voit rauhassa valmistautua turvatarkastukseen.

Security control

Passengers and their carry-on luggage pass through security screening after the check-in and before entering the gate area. Checked baggage is screened before going into the hold.

Guidelines for packing How to pass the security control

Check the waiting times for security control

The security checkpoints have a measurement system for indicating the time you will need to stand in the security check queue. The time indicates the average queuing time to the security checkpoint at the time specified in the heading.

Security controlLast updatedWaiting time
Terminal 123.02. at 04:301 min
Terminal 2 Check-in 201-23223.02. at 04:301 min
Terminal 2 Check-in 240-27123.02. at 04:30Closed

Please remember that the queuing times may change very rapidly, especially at the beginning and end of peak hours.

How is the queuing time measured?

The queuing time measurement system is based on Bluetooth technology. There are sensors installed near the security checkpoints that pick up the Bluetooth signal from passengers' mobile phones.

The sensors only pick up the Bluetooth address specified by the manufacturer, and the customer's phone number and the name specified for the Bluetooth device cannot be deduced from the address.

Electronic ticket inspection before security control

Electronic gates are in use at Helsinki Airport. E-gates shorten the time spent on security check. Passengers are kindly asked to have their tickets or boarding passes ready before moving to the e-gate in order to shorten queue times and make the process run smoothly.

The passenger shows a printed or a smartphone ticket or boarding pass to the reader of the electronic gate. The machine scans the flight details from the barcode and lets the passenger through the gate to security control.

Inspecting tickets before security control is based on an EU regulation. The purpose of the regulation is to verify the passengers’ intent to travel before admitting them to the safety control area.

The video shows how the E-gates work.

Watch a video about security screening