For the media

Finavia’s Media Desk is open for the representatives of the press on Mon–Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Advertising agencies, production companies, airport companies and students are advised to use the filming request form.

Journalists and photographers may send email to [email protected]   or call +358 (0)20 708 2002.

The Finavia website has plenty of up-to-date information about Finavia and air traffic. Below are some links to the most important content.

Information about air traffic and Finavia

Other air traffic operators

At Finavia airports, over 1,500 companies and authorities provide services to passengers and air traffic.

  • Questions about flight delays, rerouted flights or the technical problems of aircraft are answered by airlines. At airports, airlines are responsible for services such as the following: check-in and gate services, baggage handling and the maintenance, fuelling and de-icing of aircraft.
  • Questions about air traffic control and the flying of drones are answered by Fintraffic.
  • Questions about airport passport control and border crossing are answered by the Finnish Border Guard .
  • At airports, cross-border transport of goods is monitored by Finnish Customs .
  • General order and safety at airports is ensured by the local police department .
  • The party responsible for provisions on and monitoring of aviation safety (e.g. the provisions on security control) is the the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom .
  • In situations related to increasing emergency preparedness in air traffic, information is provided by the local rescue and police authorities.
  • The Safety Investigation Authority  leads the investigation of dangerous situations and accidents in air traffic and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health  is responsible for preventing the spread of infectious diseases as well as planning for and managing them together with the bodies it administers, such as the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare , Regional State Administrative Agencies  and the health care services of municipalities. For example, the City of Vantaa  is responsible for COVID-19 testing and health check-ups at Helsinki Airport.