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Finavia revises its responsibility reporting, the 2012 Annual Report has been published online

Press release
Article published
27.3.2013 at 17:50
Finavia has published its Annual Report 2012 and revised its responsibility reporting. The Annual Report is available at

In its responsibility reporting, Finavia applies the international Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, describing the company’s financial, social and environmental impact in 2012. Finavia reports its responsibility at GRI Level B. “As the owner of airports, Finavia has exceptionally many stakeholders, and our operations have a far-reaching impact for the whole country. As part of Finavia’s stakeholder cooperation, we have invested more resources in our responsibility reporting and increased its level of detail. The airline customers, air passengers, the personnel and Finnish people more generally expect transparent communications of us, and we are committed to it,” says Mikko Saariaho, Communications Director at Finavia. Finavia’s online Annual Report replaces the earlier printed versions of the company’s Environmental Report, HR Report and Annual Report. The online Annual Report has a print-out function allowing the contents of the report to be printed in PDF format.