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Art Cinema at Helsinki Airport: This is how media artists see Helsinki

Article published
6.1.2014 at 08:00
Black seats in front of painted wall.
The varying show series of Helsinki Airport's Art Cinema studies different encounters in the city this time. At the "Kaupunki liikkeessä" ("City on the Move") exhibition, passengers can enjoy pieces by Finnish media artists who portray Helsinki today and in the past from different angles.

Since October 2013, when Art Cinema opened, it has been possible to get to know leading Finnish media art in the international airport environment of Helsinki Airport. The works and themes will change regularly.

Angles on Helsinki by six Finnish media artists

In the Passerby – Ohikulkija (23:28) video by Elena Näsänen, a young Japanese woman spends a night and a day in Helsinki. She travels in the city by tram, taking photos of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto. Her destinations include Finlandia Hall, the head office of Stora Enso and Aalto's home and study buildings. This laconic work of art takes viewers on a hypnotic trip to the inner world of the main character and to Aalto's buildings.

In Woolyworld (1:02) by Sari Palosaari, there is a flight over a version of the metropolis made from curlers. The work of art is a combination of architectural miniatures, assembled toys, urban film landscapes and organic spaces of science fantasies.

Seppo Renvall's -..- (5:25) shows traffic signs painted on the street, which indicate a pedestrian walkway. The signs have been filmed over the course of a year. The name of the work of art is also a symbol and can be translated as "as before, as earlier". The piece, based on repetition, refers to the beautiful feeling of nostalgia.

Pasi Karjula's Umbrellas (3:15) is a piece where people enter and exit the Helsinki railway station tunnel. It is raining outside. They open their umbrellas when they exit. The repeated movements and steady gait of the city residents has everyday poetry to it.

Petra Lindholm's Sunrise 05 AM (Idag stiger solen fem prick) (10:00) takes place in an empty room. There is no one home. The images are static, well-balanced compositions based on studying the gloss and light in paintings and photographic art. The artist has also composed and arranged the audio for the piece. The emotional chords of the multi-layered work of art are in harmony with the images.

Art Cinema's sponsors are Pro Av Art, Av-arkki and Stockmann, Finnish companies which have participated in the art projects and supported the implementation of high-quality exhibitions.

The art cinema is part of the ArtPort concept. Its basic idea is to provide passengers with surprising, new kinds of services by creating places at Helsinki Airport where people can relax and take a break from the busy airport milieu. The works of art whisk the visitors off to another world.

For Finavia, the ArtPort concept is also part of corporate responsibility. It is an excellent way of presenting Finnish expertise and offering artists the opportunity to get Finnish and international visibility for their works.

Location and opening hours

Art Cinema is located at Gate 37, where passengers have free access. The video works are displayed non-stop in the Art Gallery room.