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FCAA: Status of Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland being monitored

Article published
20.8.2014 at 07:38
An airplane landing to runway.
FCAA has today announced that the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland is showing signs of activity. Any eruption and possible subsequent ash cloud may also have an impact on Finnish air traffic.

FCAA (Finnish Civil Aviation Authority) is monitoring the status of Bardarbunga and will communicate more if necessary.

After the ash crisis of 2010, which paralyzed air traffic in Europe, airlines' risk assessment procedures have developed. It is unlikely that either Finnish airspace or that of other countries will again be shut down due to any ash cloud.

Based on forecast maps, danger zones will be defined when necessary; in such zones, the ash concentration is so high that airlines must account for it when planning routes. Airlines prepare safety evaluations to make route decisions.

FCAA processes safety evaluations and air operations instructions drawn up by Finnish airlines. An ash cloud will not jeopardise flight safety when the risks are known and evaluated in advance and operations are guided accordingly.

Source: FCAA release, 20 August 2014

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