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Flybe increases the number of flights on several domestic routes in the summer

Article published
12.2.2014 at 07:00
An airplane landing.
Flybe's summer schedules will be valid as of 30 March. The summer season will bring about schedule changes and new flights on several domestic routes. The new schedules will be valid until 25 October.

New summer flights for Kemi-Tornio and Jyväskylä

Additional flights on the Kemi-Tornio and Jyväskylä routes are the largest changes to routes in Finland. Instead of the previous three flights, the route between Helsinki and Kemi-Tornio will be operated up to four times per day.

The new flights are the midday departure from Helsinki to Kemi-Tornio and the morning flight from Kemi-Tornio to Helsinki.

From now on, the morning flight to Kemi-Tornio will travel via Jyväskylä. As requested by the area, it will arrive at Kemi-Tornio slightly earlier in the morning. In addition, the evening flight to Kemi-Tornio will arrive later at Meri-Lappi.

Through the summer schedules, Flybe will also add one departure to the route between Helsinki and Jyväskylä. Instead of the previous three daily flights, there will be up to four daily flights from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. The new flight is a midday flight on weekdays.

The changes continue the schedule improvements implemented in early February, through which the route will better serve those who work in Helsinki. The passenger volumes of the business travel-oriented route decrease substantially in the summer months, which means that the route will take a summer break from 28 June to 28 July. When the Jyväskylä Rally Championships begins, air traffic will return from its break, as requested by passengers.

More morning and daytime flights in Kajaani

Flybe will increase the number of morning and midday flights on the Helsinki–Kajaani route. Until now, flights have only operated on some weekdays, but from now on, they will operate every day except Saturday. This change has been requested a lot and it will considerably improve Kainuu residents' travel opportunities and the reach of the entire region.

The changes to other routes are minor schedule changes.

Flybe's routes from Helsinki

  • To Jyväskylä (up to four flights per day)
  • To Kajaani (up to four flights per day)
  • To Kemi-Tornio (up to four flights per day)
  • To Kokkola-Pietarsaari (up to four flights per day)
  • To Mariehamn (up to two flights per day)
  • To Norrköping, Sweden (up to seven days per week)
  • To Savonlinna (up to two flights per day)
  • To Tartu, Estonia (up to six days per week)
  • To Visby, Sweden (three days per week, from 12 June to 31 August)

Flights can be booked on Flybe's website and at travel agencies.

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