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The front door of Arrivals 2A is out of use from 10 November to 31 December 2014

Article published
7.11.2014 at 08:27
Outside of Helsinki airport's depature hall.
The middle front door of Terminal 2's arrivals floor will be closed until the end of the year. The two other entrances of the arrivals floor can be used as usual.

The renovation of Helsinki Airport's Arrivals 2A lobby will commence on Monday, 10 November, with the renovation of the entrance. Due to this, the middle front door of Terminal 2's arrivals floor will be out of use until the end of the year 2014.

The two other doors at the arrivals floor, one near the Arrivals 2B lobby and the other next Alko and the Pharmacy can be used as usual. Both doors are located right next the Arrivals 2A.

The renovation of the entrance will not affect the operation of taxis, buses or other services at the airport.

Services of Arrivals 2B near passengers

The distance between Arrivals 2B and Arrivals 2A is approximately 70 metres. You can find the following services in the area:

Alepa: open 24/7 around the year

Alepa Kauppakassi: a handy service for picking up groceries ordered online

Starbucks: Christmas products and flavours until the end of the year

Richie’s: gourmet hot dogs to sate your post-flight hunger

The airports My City Shop & Cafe offers also a moment of relaxation for incoming passengers in luggage handover lobby Exit 2A.

We apologise for any inconvenience the renovation may cause to passengers.

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