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Trafi: Stricter security inspections during Sochi Olympics

Article published
6.2.2014 at 13:55
Airplane ascending into sky.
One-litre bags are not allowed on flights to Russia during the Olympics. Usually, they are allowed for packing up to 100 ml liquids, such as toothpaste and mascara.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency advises those travelling to Russia to pack their cosmetics and hygiene products in their cargo hold luggage. Only food liquids, such as baby food, and pharmaceuticals are allowed in the passenger compartment on such flights.

According to the Agency's press release, it is permitted to buy liquid tax-free products at the airport and take them to the passenger compartment if they have been packed in a sealed safety bag.

The security regulations will be valid at least for the duration of the Olympics.

Departing from a Russian airport?

If you are going to change planes at a Russian airport, pack all liquids as cargo hold luggage in Finland. According to information we have received, tax-free products purchased at airports are not allowed in airplanes in Russia.

This regulation also applies to passengers departing from Russia. When you return to Finland, pack all liquids in cargo hold luggage. They will be removed from your hand luggage at the security inspection in Russia.

However, it is likely that baby food and pharmaceuticals are allowed in hand luggage. They are subject to particularly careful security check procedures.

Please note that the procedures in Russia may vary by airport. Regulations may be applied more loosely or more strictly.

What is a ‘liquid’?

In addition to water and drinks, aviation safety authorities list all gels, aerosols, creams, lotions and other cosmetics and hygiene products as liquids. Tinned foods, several foodstuffs and pastries containing quark and whipped cream are also liquids.