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5 facts: Why do airlines fly to Helsinki?

21.9.2015 at 06:00
Finavia’s team is presenting Helsinki Airport and the Finnish airport network at World Routes 2015 event in Durban, South Africa, on 19-22 September. In the spirit of World Routes, we listed five cool facts of the leading Northern European transfer hub.

1. Helsinki Airport is the shortest route between Europe and Asia

Shortest and smoothest way to travel between Europe and Asia is via Helsinki. Helsinki Airport's strength lies in its excellent geographical location between Europe and Asia as well as in fast and easy transfers.

2. We are always open

Brrr... The winter is longand, dark, cold, and snowy. That is why we have the best snow-how in the world! Regardless of the conditions, we always guarantee smooth travelling. Machinery and vehicles are developed for this purpose only. With the help of this special equipment, we ensure that the runways and taxiways are operable even during the heaviest snowfalls.

The last time Helsinki Airport was forced to close because of the weather was in 2003 – and only for a half an hour!

3. Top quality comes with savings at Helsinki Airport

Our landing costs are among the lowest in Europe! We work actively to support airlines in opening new routes to Finland and thus stimulate air traffic. For long-haul routes, we are looking to establish new connections to Asia and North America. With our incentives, we aim to build a solid basis for a long-lasting collaboration.

4. The leading Northern European transfer hub

Ni hao! With 15 direct routes between Europe and Asia, we host already over 2 million Asian traffic passengers per year at Helsinki Airport. And the number is growing!

5. We always guarantee smooth transfers under one roof

The transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. We promise a max. 40 minutes’ transfer time from long-haul flights to European connections and short turnaround times of airplanes. All our gates are under one roof with short walking distances between them.

The most frequently used words when asked to describe Helsinki Airport: Fast, easy, clean, smooth, friendly and calm.

Want more facts? You got it!

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