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Buy these nine holiday products only at the airport

Article published
3.7.2015 at 10:00
You need all sorts of things when travelling, but you’re in luck: many essentials are available at Helsinki Airport's shops. So why not save some time and shop at the airport before departure?

1. Travel health kits

You may need sunscreen as soon as you reach your destination. You can buy it and other sun products at Helsinki Duty Free shops (at Gates 13, 22, and 32).

Sunglasses are available from various shops. 

2. Travel health kits

You can buy plasters, hand-sanitiser, diarrhoea medication, and other self-help products – or even a pair of reading glasses – at the airport pharmacy and the pharmacy service point. Vitamins are available also at grocery outlet Alepa. 

3. Travel accessories

Packing great utility into a tiny space, an inflatable pillow is very useful on flights and excursions. You may also need a luggage strap, a travel wallet, or sleep shades during your trip. 

4. Adapters, chargers, batteries, and earphones

It's good to have USB sticks, earphones, and batteries at hand when on the go. 

  • Reader's, Gates 14–15 and 26–27
  • R-kioski, check-in area of Terminal 2, Gates 29 and 36

You’re certain to need a mobile-phone charger when travelling. 

And their travel adapter works in over 150 countries.

  • Alepa, Terminal 2’s arrivals area 2B
  • R-kioski, check-in area of Terminal 2, Gates 29 and 36

5. Toys and things for kids to do

Children need something to do while they travel. Activity books, travel games, and cuddly toys are easy to slip in your bags.

6. Reading matter and crosswords

A murder mystery or romance novel, fairy tales, crosswords, and magazines can make the time fly, even before you do. 

At Book Swap points, you can pick up books at no charge and leave the books you've already read, for others to enjoy. 

 7. Currency

The airport is a good place to get foreign currency, and when you return, you can change any remaining foreign currency back into euros. 

  • Cash and currency machines operate 24/7 in the corridor between terminals 1 and 2; in the check-in area of Terminal 2; and at Gates 13, 17, 21 32, and 37.
  • Change Group service points are found in Terminal 1; Terminal 2’s check-in area; arrivals areas 2A and 2B; and Gates 15, 26, and 32

8. Holiday clothes and accessories

The airport provides a wide choice of stylish holiday clothes and accessories, whether you’re after a scarf, sandals, a shirt, or swimwear. 

9. Beauty items and more

Our shops carry an extensive selection of combs, hand-sanitisers, and other daily care products.