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Even a seat can be an experience at an airport

22.11.2015 at 07:00
At Helsinki Airport you can spend time in different areas and try out a variety of interesting chairs. Please take a seat!

Seats from trees blown over by storms

Kainuu is a lounge open to everyone, furnished in the style of the vast forests in Kainuu, eastern Finland. Some of its specialties are chairs made of trees blown over by storms.

'Chair sections can sometimes already grow on the tree, but they can be seen the right way only when the trees fall down. At its best, the junction between the trunk and a branch is a ready-made and shaped component that forms a fast joint', explains interior architect Kaarle Holmberg.

The wooden chairs designed and crafted by Holmberg represent 11 tree species that grow in Finland. It took him five years to gather the material from fallen trees.  

Kainuu lounge, Gate 31

Sit down on a block of wood

Aspire Lounge showcases aspects of Finnishness, ranging from dishes to other forms of design. The sturdy oak blocks work well as both seats and tables – not many chairs can claim the same. 

Aspire Lounge is divided by curtains into sections with different purposes, including work areas for both individuals and groups.

Aspire Lounge, Gate 27, 2nd floor 


A hands-on idea

Two Tigers Sushi and Noodles restaurant invites you to come enjoy eastern delicacies and sit on Capelli seats designed by Carol Catalano.

Catalano says she got the idea for the chair by looking at her own interlocked fingers.

The Capelli chair is formed of two identical, shaped plywood sections with 'fingers' in the top edge that interlock to form the seat without any fastenings or tools. The end result is a stable, stylish, and comfortable chair.  

Two Tigers Sushi and Noodles, Gate 34

Relax and work efficiently

Suvanto is an oasis composed of facilities for both work and relaxation. Each Suvanto point can accommodate six people.

Suvanto points are built around Martela's leather Largo lounge chair, which is fitted with a rotating table that comes in handy for both laptops and coffee cups alike.

Suvanto furnishings are designed by Martela's main designer, Pekka Toivola, and interior architect Iiro Viljanen

Suvanto, Gates 16–17, 18–19, and 37


Enjoy a hot sauna

Why not take a moment to climb onto the benches of a Finnish sauna and enjoy heat that is good both for your mind and body?  

The sauna in Finnair Lounge can fit comfortably four on the upper benches and a fifth one on the lower benches. The walls of the sauna room are made of weathered wood originating from a former spa.

Finnair Lounge, Gate 36

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