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The expansion of the P5 parking facility at the airport is making good progress

Article published
26.8.2015 at 06:42
Finavia is currently expanding the P5 parking facility at Helsinki Airport. The parking facility will have two additional floors and a new eight-storey expansion. P5 will have 3,000 new parking spaces.

P5 will be open during the construction work. Its capacity will be slightly lower because some parking spaces are out of use. You can easily check the number of available parking spaces from the airport's website.

We are currently raising the older section and building an expansion. During September, there will be less lorry traffic on Teletie leading to P5, and earth-moving work on Teletie will be completed.

Construction work will still cause minor disturbances on Teletie because the street will only have one lane in use during frame casting. However, this will only take a few days.

Inside the parking facility, there will be route changes indicated by temporary signs.

According to the preliminary schedule, the frame of the parking facility will be completed at the end of February, after which the construction crew will move inside the building.

The P5 construction site comprises part of Finavia's development programme. The increase in parking capacity aims to ensure a smooth departure for passengers, even during the period when the terminal expansion work is still ongoing but passenger volumes have increased.

Towards the year 2020

The objective of Finavia's development programme of EUR 900 million is to strengthen the position of Helsinki Airport among international airports and as an important hub between Europe and Asia.

Having an internationally competitive airport is vital considering the whole of Finland, and it maintains good flight connections from Finland to different parts of the world.

The airport expansion will make it possible to serve 20 million passengers in 2020.

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