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This is how the new security control equipment works

Article published
9.9.2015 at 09:00
The new security control equipment uses modern technology that enables detecting traces of explosives on passengers and their luggage. The security control methods have also changed.

In Finland, the first explosive trace detectors were put into use at Helsinki and Oulu airports in autumn 2015 and at other Finavia airports in autumn 2016. Similar devices are used in all of the largest airports in Europe.

How has security control changed?

According to EU regulations, some passengers must be randomly selected for inspection. In the past, these spot checks were done by hand, but the new method uses the explosive trace detector.

The spot check involves checking the passenger’s hands and palms, waist and hand baggage.

The inspection device is a special-purpose strip that is analysed with the detector. The spot check is a short procedure, and passengers are not required to prepare for it in any way.

What will remain unchanged?

The luggage instructions have not changed. Before arriving at the airport, please check whether the items and substances you are carrying are permitted on board, in the cargo hold or at all.

Follow the existing security control rules when approaching the control point. Place all liquids, telephones, coins, outerwear and other such items in a box on the X-ray conveyor belt and walk though the metal detector gate. If the gate beeps, an officer will investigate the reason for the alarm by hand.