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Terminal 2 at Turku Airport to be demolished because of the clean-up project

Article published
3.6.2015 at 04:52
An image of Turku airport.
In close cooperation with the authorities, Finavia Corporation is about to finalise the clean-up project for the oil spill that took place at Turku Airport in September. The clean-up work for the oil spill has been carried out in an exceptionally careful manner, which is why Terminal 2 has been demolished to such an extent that it no longer is sensible to renovate the building. Finavia Corporation will demolish the building completely in summer 2015.

Finavia closed the Terminal 2 of the airport because of the clean-up work for the accident that took place in autumn 2014. The emergency power system of the entire airport that was located in Terminal 2 has already been relocated to another building at the airport. The demolition work will begin in the second week of June.

“During the clean-up, we were forced to demolish so much of the terminal structures that we were left with no alternative but to demolish the entire building. The clean-up work has been conducted extremely carefully in order to minimise the effects of the accident to the environment,” says the manager of Turku Airport, Juha Aaltonen, at Finavia Corporation.

Terminal 2 has been used by low-cost airlines. The low-cost operations relocated to Terminal 1 immediately after the accident.

Finavia will enable low-cost operations at Turku Airport also in future. Finavia will continue to offer low-cost airlines a differentiated level of service at Terminal 1 of Turku Airport in accordance with the needs of the airlines' customers and EU regulations.