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A useful list: options for special diets at the airport

Article published
14.7.2015 at 06:00
Food ingredients displayed.
Many passengers follow special diets or perhaps try to avoid unnecessary additives. These needs are well catered for at Helsinki Airport.

At Helsinki Airport, options suitable for people with special diets are clearly indicated on the menus of restaurants and on signs and product information in cafés.

Almost all cafés and restaurants at the airport offer gluten-free bread as well as lactose-free and milk-free products. The cafés offer coffee soy or oat milk for coffee, and these can also be foamed for specialty coffees. Soy and oat milk are also offered as beverages with meals.

Snacks suitable for vegans, such as fruit salad or nut mixes, are available at several of the airport’s kiosks and cafés. We also offer a wide selection of juices and smoothies that are dairy-free and additive-free.

You can also view a separate list of vegan food and drinks available at Helsinki Airport.

Selections from the restaurants and cafés at Helsinki Airport

60 Bar & Brewery (gates 14–15): Gluten-free beer available in addition to draught and craft beers.

Burger King restaurants (gate 29, gate 36 and arrivals 2A): Gluten-free buns available for hamburgers.

Café Tori (gate 26–27): The soup of the month is always gluten-free. Some of the soups are also vegan. The café also offers a gluten-free cheese sandwich and some sweet items to go with your coffee.

Cesar’s Little Italy (T2, ground floor): The breakfast and lunch buffets offer gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free and milk-free options every day. The ample salad bar, available from morning to evening, is based on the kitchen’s offerings. There are also several side options for the salads that are suitable for special dietary requirements. On several days per week, the soup of the day is also vegan.

Fly Inn (gate 27): The restaurant menu offers several vegetarian options that can also be made vegan on request. We also offer gluten-free beer and hot meals.

Freshly Made (gate 27): Gluten-free sandwiches available to take on your flight with fillings of your choice.

Helsinki Market (gate 14–15): Several of our warm meal options can be modified to suit dietary needs. Our menu includes a veggie burger and vegetarian pasta, for example. You can also order gluten-free sandwiches prepared on site.

Helsinki Sausage Company (gates 37–38): The currywurst and lamb sausages contain no nitrates.

Johan & Nyström (gate 13): Along with your coffee, try a gluten-free sandwich or vegan snack option, like our chia bowl or fruit salad.

Nordic Kitchen (gate 36): Many of our hot meals can be modified to suit dietary needs.

The Oak Barrel (gate 22): Thirsty travellers can enjoy a gluten-free beer. We also offer a hearty selection of gluten-free sausages and frankfurters (Chef Wotkin’s and HK Maakarit).

O’Learys (gate 29): The restaurant menu offers several vegetarian options that can also be made vegan on request. O’Learys’ new summer speciality is the Oumph! burger. We also offer gluten-free beer and hot meals.

Pier Zero (gates 28–29): The award-winning restaurant offers delicious vegan salads.

Starbucks (gate 32, arrivals 2B): The Starbucks menu has just been updated. The menu now offers options including a vegan falafel wrap or a delicious vegan falafel hummus salad.

Tapio Café (gates 24–25): Fresh tastes for summer include our gluten-free, milk-free salmon potato salad and vegan falafel hummus salad. For something lighter, try one of our fresh vegetable cups, gluten-free cheese sandwiches or sweet treats.

TwoTigers (gate 34): Our vegetarian sushi platter is also suitable for vegans and the Kombu vegetable soup can be made without egg.

Upper Crust (gate 19): Upper Crust has a large selection of hearty baguettes prepared on site. We have fillings to suit all tastes. Our menu includes a gluten-free baguette and some sweet treats.

Urban Food Market (T1, check-in): The café offers gluten-free bread with fillings according to the customer’s wishes. Our selection also includes vegan bread options and vegan smoothies.

WHSmith kiosks (gate 15, gate 29, T2, departures hall and T1, arrivals): The kiosks sell a wide variety of gluten-free and milk-free snacks. Items suitable for those with a gluten-free diet include our gluten-free chicken salad, while vegans can enjoy Yosa oat snacks and a falafel hummus salad.

Wine & View (gate 26): Most of the seasonal vegetable tapas options are vegan, gluten-free and milk-free.

You can also pre-order a meal that is suitable for your diet

Restaurant and café personnel will be happy to tell you more about the options suitable for various special diets.

You can also pre-order a meal that is suitable for your diet. Contact the restaurants at Helsinki Airport:

SSP Finland, tel. +358 (0)207 629732, [email protected] or
HMSHost, [email protected]

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