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Why would airlines do well to fly to Finland?

Article published
23.5.2015 at 06:00
Helsinki Airport is an air traffic hub between Europe and Asia, and Finland is a good choice for airlines for many reasons.

Finland's convenient position for air traffic between Europe and particularly Northeast Asia is one of the major reasons why airlines choose Helsinki Airport.

'Our good geographical location is supported by a tight network of connecting flights to the rest of Europe. And it only takes roughly an hour to fly from Helsinki Airport to six destinations in Lapland – landing right in the middle of exotic northern nature', points out Joni Sundelin, a director at Finavia.

Finavia maintains a total of 24 airports in Finland.

Cost-effective, top-quality operations

Helsinki Airport is one of the most economical airports within the EU area.

'Thanks to well-controlled processes and highly skilled personnel, we are able to operate cost effectively. We promise our passengers 35-minute transfer times and airlines short turnaround times for aeroplanes', Sundelin continues.

Helsinki Airport also continuously invests in improving the passenger experience. In terms of speed and reliability of baggage handling, Helsinki Airport is ranked among the best in the world.

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A long history of collaboration 

Finavia and Helsinki Airport have an established position on short and medium-range flight routes. The majority of the bigger European airlines are already Finavia's customers.

For long-haul routes, Finavia is looking to establish new connections to Northeast Asia and the Middle East. 

One of the advantages to airlines is that Finavia offers three to five years of marketing support for new routes directed to Helsinki Airport.

'We grant discounts from landing and passenger fees and participate in joint marketing efforts with the airlines. We do this to build a solid basis for long collaboration', Sundelin explains.

CAPA invitation to Helsinki 

CAPA – Center for Aviation organises yearly conferences aimed at managers, decision-makers, and experts in the aviation industry built around the themes of air traffic trends and travel marketing.

Held in Helsinki from 7 to 8 October, the CAPA World Aviation Summit 2015 is expected to attract hundreds of delegates.

'Hosting the conference offers Finavia a great opportunity to promote Finland, Helsinki Airport, and other major Finnish airports', Sundelin remarks.

Conference visitors will also get to see Finnair's brand-new Airbus A350 XWB.

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