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In Ylläs, winter goes on until May

Article published
23.3.2015 at 06:42
The best time for winter sports in Ylläs is April, as there is still plenty of snow in Lapland. Ylläs currently has some 80 centimeters of natural snow, and the total amount of snow this winter has been normal or even somewhat above normal.

“The Easter season does not mean that spring is over, and we have faith in having enough snow for the end of the season and even after thanks to below-zero nights, just like in previous years,” explains Nina Forsell, CEO of tourism association Ylläksen matkailuyhdistys Ry.

The excellent winter sports conditions can be enjoyed under the springtime sun, without any rush. Ylläs is already moving towards the midnight sun, and the polar nights are far behind. Days are long and sometimes even warm, but freezing temperatures during the night ensure that there is enough snow.

Thanks to the good snow situation, the conditions are still excellent for cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile rides, ice fishing, winter swimming and, later in the evening, for admiring the northern lights.

The slopes at Ylläs are open until 3 May, the skiing tracks will be maintained until 1 May

The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and its idyllic ski cafés can be easily reached on skis.

“The 330 kilometer skiing track network is maintained as widely as possible until 1 May,” Forsell says.

Outside the slopes that are maintained, snow has gathered into layers as thick as two meters. Ski Patrol regularly measures the depth of snow, the composition of snow layers and the risk of avalanche on the Kellostapuli fell.

According to measurements performed on 15 March 2015, the total depth of the snow cover varied between 85 and 250 centimeters, depending on the amount of snow moved by the wind.

Ski Patrol will continue its work until the end of the skiing season. There is no risk of avalanches on the maintained slopes.

Source: Ylläksen matkailuyhdistys press release 23 March 2015

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