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Airport parking fees drop – P5 even better value than before

16.8.2016 at 05:00
Did you know that the parking areas at the airport are located in front of Terminals 1 and 2, only a few minutes' walk from the check-in? Parking is excellent value, with the lowest weekly parking costing only EUR 42.

When you are leaving on a trip and wish to park inexpensively and effortlessly, drive to the airport's parking area instead of areas located far away from the airport. Compare prices and locations. It really does pay off! Go ahead and drive all the way to your point of departure at the airport.

The airport has three large parking halls and two outdoor parking areas.

  • Parking halls P1 and P2 share a building in front of the entrance to Terminal 2.
  • Parking hall P3 is located in front of Terminal 1. There is a 300-metre corridor running between T1 and T2, which also makes P3 a convenient and affordable option for passengers travelling from T2.
  • P5 is a 5–7-minute walk from both terminals.
  • Outdoor parking areas P4a and P4b require about a 10–15-minute walk, but there is also a free bus to the terminals.

A free-of-charge bus drives non-stop between the terminals and all the parking areas.

There is a total of about 13,000 spaces for customer parking. We definitely have room! If you wish to secure your parking space, you can also reserve it in advance using our online service.

We dropped P5 prices

The use of the airport's own parking areas is now even better value as we have dropped the prices of parking hall P5 since 15 August. At our facilities, the weekly price covers eight days!

P4 outdoor parking areas: EUR 42/week

Parking halls P3 and P5: EUR 65/week

Parking hall P2: EUR 110/week

If you wish to compare parking costs and distances from the terminal, use our parking calculator. You decide whether to save steps or money.