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A chocolate heart for a loved one or friend

12.2.2016 at 07:00
Valentines' Day on 14 February is a good time to remember your loved one or a friend. Helsinki Airport has an excellent selection of chocolates to choose from, and we also list some chocolate goodies you can enjoy at the airport.

Restaurant Bistrot Helsinki Airport offers raw chocolate goodies made by a small Finnish chocolate factory, Goodio, which is easy to find near the tills.

Goodio's offerings are natural products, and thus the flavours may vary a little according to the ingredients available. The chocolates come in 48-g packages and feature several varieties, such as  Blueberry, Velvet, and Citrus.

Situated in the arrivals meeting area of Terminal 2, Bistrot is open to all who visit the airport.

Finefood shops at gates 20, 30, and 32 carry a wide selection of heart-warming chocolate gifts, such as the heart-shaped Geisha Heart chocolate box (225 g; EUR 9.95), and Godiva's golden heart box with six chocolates, Godiva Coeur Iconique (EUR 9.95).   

Finefood shops also have something for those looking for more exotic chocolate flavours: A Xoco Dragee Chili (135 g). Other variations include Liquorice, Passion Fruit, Mint, Orange Carrot, Créme Brulée, Nougat Salt, and Cherry Vanilla. Each EUR 7.50.

Chocolate boutique Chocolatique (Gate 34) offers several varieties of tasty chocolate delicacies. Amongst others, they sell Fazer, Godiva, Lindt, and Valrhona chocolates.

Chocolate creations to enjoy at the airport

At Seasons Restaurant, you can eat properly even if you are in a hurry, as their three-course Fast Food Meal is designed for passengers pressed for time. One of the dessert options is a handmade raspberry chocolate, also available separately for EUR 2.50.

Many of the airport cafés offer chocolate bakery goodies and other chocolates. Grab&Fly café, for example, serves mouth-watering chocolate muffins (EUR 3.90).

At Cafe Tori, you can buy a chocolate kiss for your travelling companion (EUR 1.00). The kisses come in several flavours.

Starbucks shops (Arrivals 2A and Gate 32) offer chocolate cake (EUR 8.40), double-choc muffins (EUR 4.20), or chocolate brownies (EUR 4.20) to accompany hot or cold chocolate drinks.

Even Burger King (Arrivals 2A and Gate 36) has included chocolate goodies in their menu, e.g. hot chocolate brownies (EUR 2.35) and chocolate doughnuts (EUR 1.60).

Did you forget to buy gifts to take home?

You can grab last-minute gifts and goodies to take home at the baggage claim halls of Terminal 2.

Arrival Shop at Arrivals 2B is a good place to buy some Valentine's gifts for a loved one or friends.

For example, you can choose from Fazer, Toblerone, Dajm, Lindt, or Milka products. There is also a selection of aftershaves, perfumes, and toys.

At arrivals 2A, you can find chocolate gifts at My City Shop & Cafe.

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