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How to use digital services at Helsinki Airport: Five steps from check-in to boarding

Article published
13.9.2016 at 07:00
Digital services are quickly becoming more common at Helsinki Airport. They speed up the journey from check-in to security control and boarding the plane.

Have you had a chance to use the digital travel services available at Helsinki Airport, such as self-service check-in and bag drop machines? Your route from the check-in area to the plane passes through five machines that are quick and easy to use.

Check in kiosks at Helsinki Airport.

1. Check-in

The first step you need to take on arrival at the airport is checking in. The self-service check-in machines at Helsinki Airport make it very easy. Self-service check-in machines are also available at Oulu, Vaasa, Turku and Tampere airports.

The machine prints out your boarding pass and baggage tags.

If you are travelling with hand baggage only, we recommend that you check in before your trip on the airline’s website. In that case, you can proceed directly to the security control once you’re at the airport.

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Woman using self bag drop service at airport.

2. Bag drop

Attach the tag to the handle on your checked bag. Now you can proceed to the bag drop machine. The information screens at the airport indicate the location of your airline’s bag drop area.

At the bag drop machine, passengers scan their boarding passes and baggage tags themselves. The bag is then ready for the flight and the conveyor belt will take it to the plane.

In addition to Helsinki Airport, bag drop machines are also available at Oulu and Turku airports.

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3. E-gate

The next piece of self-service equipment is located just before the security control. Scan your printed or mobile boarding pass at the e-gate before proceeding to the security control. The machine reads the flight information from the barcode and lets the passenger through to security control.

The video at the top of the page shows how to use electronic ticket scanners.

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Woman going through automated passport control.

4. Passport scanner

Your passport will be checked if you are travelling outside the Schengen area. Helsinki Airport is equipped with passport scanners that make border control procedures quick and easy.

Place your passport in the machine’s scanner and stand on the marked spot so you are in view of the camera. If you wear glasses and/or a hat, remove them while your photo is taken. The machine compares your photograph with the information in your passport. The gate will then open and passport control is complete.

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5. E-boarding

At the boarding gate you can use the e-boarding service.

The e-boarding gate operates in the same manner as the ticket scanner at the security control. Place your boarding pass on the scanner, after which you can board the plane. Have a pleasant flight!

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