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Airport shopping made easier in 4 steps

12.9.2017 at 06:00
Need a few more things for your trip? Reserve & Collect lets you order products online, pick them up at Helsinki Airport and pay before your flight.

Reserve & Collect lets passengers pre-order items from Helsinki Duty Free and collect them before departure. The service is perfect for those who are in a hurry as it saves them time and offers a convenient way to shop. By pre-ordering food items, liquor or beauty products, you can take advantage of special prices on major brands and exclusive World of Duty free offers. These products are exclusive and are not available outside the airport.

Need a few more things for your trip? Here’s how Reserve & Collect works.

1. Select your destination

The first thing you’ll be asked to do when you click on the Reserve & Collect homepage is to indicate the airport you are flying to. In this way, you are presented with relevant products and offers. Reserve & Collect service is available only when travelling to destinations outside Finland.

2. Fill up your shopping bag

Browse for everything from beauty products to liquor and food. Orders can be placed 30 days before flying at the earliest and 24 hours before departure at the latest. You can track your order in your user account.

While there is no limit to pre-orders, customs allowances and limits of your destination country should be considered. Additional duty and taxes may be required if those limits are exceeded.

3. Proceed to the pick-up point

Your order will be awaiting collection at the cashier line of the main World Duty Free shop at Helsinki Airport. It’s in the Departure Lounge after the security area. After the order has been placed, complete details will be displayed on the confirmation screen as well as in a confirmation email.

If you have difficulties locating the pick-up point, World Duty Free sales staff are on hand to assist you.

4. Collect and pay in-store

Payment is only to be made when you pick up your order. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all major Finnish debit cards, as well as cash (euros and selected foreign currency), are accepted.

Since you don't need to pay for your items until you reach the airport and collect them, you don't need to worry about requesting a refund if your travel plans change. In case you move to a later flight or travel the next day or two, your pre-order will be kept for collection for 48 hours after your original departure date. If your flight details change significantly, you can simply cancel your original order and place another one.

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