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Humans of Helsinki Airport: super market manager Lassi Melanen

Article published
14.2.2019 at 09:00
Alepa Lassi Melanen
As the Store Manager of Helsinki Airport’s Alepa super market, Lassi Melanen leads a staff of 22 who serve thousands of passengers and customers 24/7 every day.

“As the Store Manager of the Helsinki Airport’s Alepa super market, I lead a staff of 22 and together we work to maintain customer satisfaction in a responsible and profitable way. Most of it involves organising and planning, checking and double checking, and we do all of this to keep our business in people’s minds. We are open 24/7, we are easily accessible, and we provide low prices daily.

“My typical day is quite busy. Orders need to be reviewed and placed, and we also go through new products. It’s crazy as we only have a 260 square meter sales area for thousands of customers a day and we have little storage. So, we need to be sharp and focused to avoid food loss and maintain availability. Every day feels like a battle to find enough space for all our stocks, but fortunately I have a great organisation and staff behind me.

“I have held this position for seven years now and the entire time I have spent working at the airport has been memorable so far. This past summer was hot and hectic, and we made the best of it even though it seemed like the whole country was running out of water most of the time.

“I have enjoyed my time here. I work with great people, we have international customers, and I really like the airport environment. It’s energetic and always changing.”

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