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Turku Airport selected as Airport of the Year

Press release
Article published
13.9.2019 at 10:03
Ulkokuva Turun lentoasemasta aurinkoisena päivänä.
Finavia has selected Turku Airport as Airport of Year 2018 for its regional airport network. The selection was based on the new route openings and good financial performance in particular. Turku Airport has successfully built demand for routes in cooperation with interest groups in the region.

“Turku has been working persistently towards growth and opening new routes. The regional cooperation aimed at improving the competitiveness of air traffic has been excellent. Several new connections to Europe have been opened in recent years, and this has led to a clear increase in passenger volumes. A well-functioning airport and good connections are vital for the region’s businesses,” says director Jani Jolkkonen, who is in charge of the regional airport network.

“In terms of financial performance indicators, the airport has made good progress and improved its profitability. Last year, the operating margin was close to positive. The airport has also invested in the development of commercial services. Passengers and daily lunch visitors have been especially happy with the restaurant services, and the restaurant welcomed a record number of visitors last summer. Customer satisfaction and personnel satisfaction are also good at Turku Airport,” Jolkkonen continues.

Finavia has made investments in Turku Airport. In 2015, Finavia invested EUR 14 million in the modernisation of Turku Airport, which has allowed the growth in traffic. The airport’s air traffic areas as well as stores and cafeterias were completely modernised to respond to the needs of increased air traffic.

Juha Aaltonen is Regional Director at Finavia and Manager of Turku Airport. Turku Airport employs approximately 30 Finavia employees and numerous other employees, ranging from commercial services to flight and shipping operations.

“The nomination as Airport of the Year belongs to everyone working at Turku Airport, who have all made the good progress possible through their work,” Jolkkonen says.

Finavia has selected the Airport of the Year 30 times already. Turku Airport last received the recognition in 2011.

Diverse connections from Turku

Following Helsinki Airport and travel airports in Lapland, Turku has the sixth highest traffic volumes of Finavia airports. The passenger volume of Turku Airport has been increasing significantly in the past few years as flight connections have become more diverse. For example airline Wizz Air has diversified the route selection lately by offering direct flights from Turku to Krakow and Skopje for instance. Next summer it will open routes to Warsaw and Kutaisi, Georgia.

Turku has route connections to Helsinki, Mariehamn, Stockholm, Gdańsk, Kaunas and Riga. During the winter season, there are holiday flights to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Turku Airport served a total of 369,432 passengers last year, which was 10.7 per cent more than in the previous year. Substantial cargo traffic is an important part of Turku Airport’s operations.