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Are you planning to fly to your Christmas destination? This is how to pack seasonal foods and skiing equipment

Article published
14.12.2020 at 13:07
Joulupukki vilkuttaa Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla.
Remember to leave enough time for the airport if you are flying to your Christmas destination. We have compiled a checklist to make packing easier. Check here how to pack Christmas foods, presents and skiing equipment.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced passenger numbers at airports, it is still a good idea to leave enough time for parking, check-in and security control as well as shopping and eating at the airport when travelling during the Christmas season.

Please remember to wear a face mask, maintain a safe distance from others and follow good hygiene while at the airport.

Christmas ham can pass through security control

If you are taking Christmas food and delicacies with you, please remember to put your foods and drinks in your checked baggage. In addition to drinks, foods such as Christmas casseroles are also considered liquids, so they must be put in checked baggage.

Items that need to be put in checked baggage:

  • Christmas casseroles
  • layer cakes and other baked goods
  • quark products and spreads such as mustard, butter and cream cheese
  • canned food and roe products
  • mulled wine and other drinks.

Christmas ham, Christmas star pastries, gingerbread and chocolates may also be taken on board as hand baggage.

Travel safely with your presents

We recommend putting electronics bought as Christmas presents in hand baggage. Power banks and batteries must also be put in hand baggage.

Please read the case-by-case packing instructions for other presents here and check your airline’s hand baggage restrictions on the airline’s website.

Fireworks and sparklers cannot be taken on the plane at all, not even in the hold. You should buy your fireworks and sparklers only after you have arrived at your destination.

Travelling to ski on Northern snow

Before heading to the ski tracks of Lapland, please check with your airline that your skis and other skiing equipment will fit in the aircraft. The smallest aircraft types used for domestic flights may not always have enough room in the hold for special baggage.

Please do not take ski wax removers, fluorinated ski wax, heaters or lock de-icers with you. It is prohibited to carry these items on an aircraft. Please check that you have not left any of these items in your ski bags.

Pack your skis and snowboards in bags meant for transporting them. Remove all old baggage tags and loose straps. Tie straps and other strings together so that they do not get stuck in the baggage conveyor.

If you are taking an avalanche pack with you, please mention this when you are booking the flights or during check-in at the latest, as transporting an avalanche pack requires permission from the airline. Transport the avalanche pack and cylinders in the same place. You can either take them with you on board or include them in checked baggage. The airbags in the avalanche pack must have a pressure relief valve.

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