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COVID-19 testing available to arriving passengers in Finland

Article published
3.8.2020 at 10:29
Terveysinfopiste kyltti
PLEASE NOTE! This release is not updated. On August 3rd, the City of Vantaa opened a health information point at Helsinki Airport to provide health counselling to arriving passengers and a change to take a corona test at the COVID-19 testing station.

The health information point is located by the route used by arriving passengers between arrivals halls 2A and 2B. The information point is open according to flight arrivals.

When you arrive to Helsinki Airport and think that you might have covid-19 related symptoms or you think you have exposed to COVID-19, please go to the health information point. The health professionals can guide you to a free of charge COVID-19 test. 

terveysinfopiste terminaalissa

COVID-19 tested passengers go into self-isolation for 10 days, during which time public transport should be avoided. After the COVID-19 Testing, passengers are guided to leave the airport using their own car or by taxi.

Even if the corona test done at the airport was negative, a passenger is advised to stay in self-isolation if he/she comes from a  travel restricted country. The incubation period of the COVID-19 corona virus can be up to 14 days. 

Self-isolation is recommended if the passenger has, during the last 14 days, been in or travelled through a country that is still subject to travel restrictions.

Helsinki Airport COVID-19 Testing is not available for passengers leaving Finland. The testing is not meant for passengers who need a document of a negative corona test result for air carrier, travel agency or another operator. The testing does not include written documents about having a test, results or health of a passenger.

Passengers arriving in Finland through other airports than Helsinki Airport, are asked to contact the local health authorities by telephone, if needed. The contact information is available at the airport.

Finavia's health and safety measures at airports

Numerous safety and hygiene measures have been actively taken at Helsinki Airport to ensure safe travelling. These include:

  • intensified cleaning in the terminals and surface disinfection 

  • distributing hand sanitizer

  • protection of the personnel with protective plexiglass screens and masks

  • reorganisation of passenger routes 

  • special arrangements for queuing areas and air transport

  • distribution of masks to personnel and passengers

  • safe distance stickers and announcements in the terminal

  • distribution of authorities’ COVID-19 instructions

Air travel during COVID-19