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Finavia is expanding the utilisation of UVC technology to the security control points at Rovaniemi and Oulu airports

Press release
Article published
27.10.2020 at 09:18
Tavaroita turvatarkastuslaatikossa
Finavia has received positive user experience from the UVC pilot that started at Helsinki Airport in early September. The disinfection of security control trays has been fast, and the disinfection results have been good.

“The disinfection devices installed at security control points at Rovaniemi and Oulu airports make it possible to clean the trays more often. It also creates cost savings,” says Senior Vice President Joni Jolkkonen, Director of Airport Networks at Finavia.

However, Jolkkonen thinks that the biggest benefit of UVC disinfection is that it is a great addition to traditional cleansing methods. Finavia wants to improve its level of hygiene even further.

“We have intensified the cleansing cycle and disinfection of the security control trays already earlier this year, and we have been looking for new cleansing methods all this time. The UVC technology seems to suit the airport environment, which is, of course, one of the prerequisites for its use,” he says.

The UVC technology is based on ultraviolet light, which is used for cleansing in the food processing industry and health care.

COVID‑19 and the strict travel restrictions caused by it have impacted all Finavia airports. After March, the number of flights and passengers plummeted at all airports.

“Airports in Oulu and Rovaniemi have had some air traffic, which enables the testing of new technology,” Jolkkonen explains.

Right now, the system is in the pilot phase, so the trays are also cleansed in the old manner. Other equipment is also undergoing testing.

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