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Five things to know about coronavirus and airports

Article published
15.7.2020 at 14:15
Finavian henkilökunta ohjeistaa matkustajia kädellä maski naamassa
Finland is gradually easing the coronavirus-related restrictions and travel can be expected to increase slowly. We have put together a list of some of the most important recommendations and measures to keep travelling through our airports safe.

1. The Finnish health authorities recommend maintaining a safe distance between you and other people when moving in public places. In addition, good hand and cough hygiene should be ensured. This also applies to airports.

2. Airport personnel are required to wear masks. Finavia strongly recommends that also air passengers always wear a mask as they move about the airport. When everyone wears a mask, it protects both you and others.

3. Finavia is a limited company enabling other companies and authorities to operate at its airports. Finavia's authority does not include official duties, such as:

  • restrictions on the free movement of people, such as restrictions on entry or exit and their control
  • quarantine instructions, guiding to or organising a quarantine
  • deciding on and carrying out health inspections and coronavirus tests

4. Since February, Finavia has been actively taking numerous safety and hygiene measures at its airports. At Helsinki Airport, for example, these include:

  • intensified cleaning in the terminals and surface disinfection
  • distributing hand sanitizer (300 automatic dispensers)
  • reorganisation of passenger routes
  • special arrangements for queuing areas and air transport
  • protection of personnel with protective plexiglas (100 pcs)
  • personnel and passenger masks (100,000 pcs distributed)

5. Finavia launched passenger information on the coronavirus in January and has since distributed corona-related information widely in at least three languages:

  • 150,000 reads of Finavia's online bulletins
  • 2,100 floor stickers
  • 700 posters, signs or other information boards
  • announcements every 7 minutes

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