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Preparations for Åland’s 100th anniversary year underway – An exceptionally high number of connections to Åland next summer

Article published
9.6.2020 at 10:18
Åland’s autonomy will reach the milestone of 100 years on 9 June 2022. Celebrations will take place in Åland all year 2021-2022, preceding the actual festive day, and preparations have begun well in advance.

Finavia will join in the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Åland’s autonomy. In honour of the anniversary year, Mariehamn airport will be decorated with Åland 100 festive decorations from June 2020. In addition, one of the planes operated by Air Leap will be decorated in spectacular fashion in Åland’s colours to mark the occasion. The festively decorated Air Leap plane will fly from Mariehamn to Turku and Stockholm.  

One of the themes of Åland’s 100th anniversary year, building for the future, will be reflected in, for example, cultural events, schools, sports campaigns and seminars.  

“We are thrilled to join in the celebrations to mark this historical milestone year,” says Tanja Sabel, Director of Mariehamn Airport. 

 Flight connections from continental Finland to Åland are excellent, and Mariehamn Airport plays a key role in domestic accessibility. 

In the summer 2020, there will be an exceptionally high number of flights from other Finnish airports to Mariehamn: two flights per day from Helsinki Airport and, starting from July, one flight per day from Turku Airport. 

“Åland is a unique travel destination. The island is a domestic destination, but, once here, you feel as if you were further away from Finland,” Sabel says.  

Air Leap -lentoyhtiön kone koristeltuna Ahvenanmaan väreihin

The look of Åland's 100th anniversary year can be seen at Mariehamn Airport and, for example, on an Air Leap plane flying to Turku and Stockholm. Photo: Lucas Stjärnfelt

 Tiina Björklund, Project Manager of the Åland 100th anniversary year, emphasises the importance of flight connections for Åland.  

“Flight connections are vital for businesses, organisations and almost all residents of Åland,” Björklund says. 

 At present, the exceptional conditions owing to the coronavirus pandemic are affecting Åland’s autonomy and the restrictions in place are reflected in the operations of services and restaurants in Åland. Therefore, there is even more reason to celebrate the remarkable history of Åland’s autonomy in the anniversary year. 

“Åland provides an ideal setting for family holidays, bike tours, boating and private and business travel alike. We have no mass tourism and our hotels, cabin parks and restaurants are relatively small, making it easy to organise services in line with the current guidelines,” Björklund says.