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Where can I fly to from Finland?

Article published
25.6.2020 at 10:15
We gathered a list of all the international routes that airlines are currently operating from Finavia’s airports.

The coronavirus situation changes globally continuously, so airlines may change their plans quickly, for example by cancelling previously informed flights, or by stalling the opening of new routes. Please check the latest information directly from your airline.

Passengers must check any travel restrictions of the destination country before travelling. Starting July 13th, travel restrictions were lifted for countries where the coronavirus situation is similar to Finland.

Flight destinations from Finland

  • Austria: Helsinki-Wien (Finnair)

  • Belarus: Helsinki-Minsk (Belavia)

  • Belgium: Helsinki-Brussels (Finnair)

  • China: Helsinki-Shanghai (Finnair, Juneyao Airlines), Helsinki-Nanjing (Finnair)

  • Czech Repbulic: Helsinki-Prague (Czech Airlines, Finnair)

  • Denmark: Helsinki-Copenhagen (Finnair)

  • Estonia: Helsinki-Tallinn (Finnair)

  • France: Helsinki-Paris Charles de Gaulle (Finnair),

  • Germany: Helsinki-Berlin Tegel (Finnair), Helsinki-Frankfurt (Finnair, Lufthansa), Helsinki-München (Finnair, Lufthansa), Helsinki-Düsseldorf (Finnair), Helsinki-Hamburg (Finnair)

  • Great Britain: Helsinki-London Heathrow (Finnair), Helsinki-Manchester (Finnair), Helsinki-Edinburgh (Finnair)

  • Greece: Helsinki-Athens (Aegan Airlines)

  • Hongkong: Helsinki-Hongkong (Finnair)

  • Hungary: Helsinki-Budapest (Finnair)

  • Ireland: Helsinki-Dublin (Finnair)

  • Italy: Helsinki-Milan (Finnair), Helsinki-Rome (Finnair)

  • Japan: Helsinki-Tokyo Haneda (Japan Airlines), Helsinki-Tokyo Narita (Finnair)

  • Korea: Helsinki-Seoul (Finnair)

  • Latvia: Helsinki-Riga (Finnair, AirBaltic), Turku-Riga (AirBaltic)

  • Lithuania: Turku-Kaunas (Wizz Air), Helsinki-Vilna (Finnair)

  • Netherlands: Helsinki-Amsterdam (Finnair, KLM)

  • Norway: Helsinki-Oslo (Finnair, Norwegian)

  • Poland: Turku-Gdansk (Wizz Air), Helsinki-Warsaw (Finnair)

  • Qatar: Helsinki-Doha (Qatar Airways)

  • Romania: Helsinki-Bucharest (BlueAir)

  • Singapore: Helsinki-Singapore (Finnair)

  • Spain: Helsinki-Malaga (Finnair)

  • Sweden: Helsinki-Stockholm (Finnair, SAS, Norwegian), Mariehamn-Stockholm (AirLeap), Helsinki-Göteborg (Finnair)

  • Switzerland: Helsinki-Zürich (Finnair), Helsinki-Geneva (Finnair)

  • Turkey: Helsinki-Istanbul (Turkish Airlines)

In Finland, international flights are operated from Helsinki Airport, Turku Airport, and Mariehamn Airport. Domestic flights are operated from Oulu, Vaasa, Kuopio, Pori and Rovaniemi Airports.

More information on flights

Scheduled flights are updated to this page, but changes may occur quickly. Therefore, please seek accurate information directly from your airline. Newsroom articles on past flight routes will not be updated.