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Do you know what to do at airport security check? Be careful with these items

Article published
3.8.2021 at 14:31
Liquid products and electronics on a security control tray.
Do you know what to take out of your bag before entering the security control? And what products are actually defined as liquids when boarding a plane? Learn more here.

In the security control at Helsinki Airport, by far most of the bags are re-scanned because of everyday electronics, such as laptops and tablets.

In addition to laptops and tablets, power banks, cameras and other large electrionics with batteries must be taken out of hand baggage before scanning at security check. Small electronics such as car keys, wireless headphones, electric toothbrushes and shavers can be left in the luggage.

Liquids must also be taken out at security check.

A simple test to find out whether a product counts as a liquid

Liquids may only be taken into the cabin in containers of less than 100 millilitres each. All liquids must fit into a single transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of one litre. Any larger containers of liquid must be placed in your checked hold baggage.

In addition to drinks and other fluids, nearly all cosmetics and a variety of foods are liquids. If you are wondering whether to count a product as a liquid, you can do a simple test. A good rule of thumb is that if you can spread it, it’s liquid.

Liquid baby food, formula milk and special dietary products are an exception to the above. You may carry the amount you will need during the flight in your hand baggage. Medications with a prescription may be taken into the cabin in their original packaging which has the passenger's name on it.

Checked or hand baggage?

Remember to always pack power banks in your hand baggage. It is prohibited to carry them in the hold as they may pose a fire safety risk.

Check the energy content of the batteries. The energy content of a single battery must not exceed 100 Wh. If the energy content is 100–160 Wh, seek permission from the airline prior to departure. Even with permission, you may not carry more than two batteries.

Please note that hairspray containers of more than 500 ml are prohibited on the aircraft. They may not be carried as hand baggage or checked hold baggage.

If you are not sure what to bring with you in your hand baggage, visit Finavia's How to pack your luggage website and search. There you can check which items must be carried in the cargo hold and which can be taken on-board as hand baggage.

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