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Finavia to repave the runway at Mariehamn Airport

Press release
Article published
26.1.2021 at 10:15
Mariehamn flygplats
Airport operator Finavia is investing MEUR 5 in the renovation of Mariehamn Airport. The renovation includes repaving the runway and renewing the runway light system.

The investment ensures the operational preconditions of air traffic in Åland well into the future. The planning and execution have followed Finavia’s climate programme, thanks to which all of the operator’s airports became carbon neutral in 2019. The next goal will be to achieve zero net emissions.

“I’m particularly happy about the central role of environmental issues in the renovation. We are replacing the current runway lights with energy-efficient LEDs, which will take us closer to our next climate goal. We will also renew the fuel distribution area to facilitate refueling field vehicles with biodiesel,” says Tanja Sabel, Director of Mariehamn Airport at Finavia

Flights discontinued 16 May–3 July 2021

The renovation will last a total of three months: the work will begin in early April and be completed in early July. Due to the challenging renovation work, the runway will be closed for seven weeks from 16 May to 3 July 2021. During that time, Finavia will repave the runway and also renew the airport’s power room as well as the power supply and runway light systems. In addition, the runway’s flanks and safety zones will be improved.

Urgent medical transport will operate throughout the renovation as helicopter transport. Other medical transport and mail will be organised with ferries.

“The timing of the renovation has been selected carefully. The work has been planned for the early summer when passenger volumes are usually lower than in late summer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be even fewer passengers in early summer this year,” says Sabel.

The execution schedule has also taken into consideration the Tall Ships Race event that will be organised in Mariehamn in July. The renovation will be completed just in time for the event. When completed, the airport will be ready to serve both domestic and international passengers, especially with the centennial of Åland’s autonomy on 9 June 2022 in mind.

Mariehamn Airport has regular route traffic to Helsinki, Stockholm and Turku. In 2019, 54 weekly flights operated at Mariehamn Airport. In 2020, the year of COVID-19, the number of weekly flights was 30.

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