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Finavia's Helsinki Airport development programme wins Project of the Year competition

Article published
27.10.2021 at 12:57
Projektipäivät 2021 -tilaisuudessa palkinnon vastaanottaneet henkilöt.
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Finavia has been awarded the Grand Prix for the implementation of Helsinki Airport's development programme in the Project of the Year competition held by Project Professionals Finland. The criteria for succeeding in the competition were, among other things, stakeholder satisfaction with the results, management, and ability to solve problems.

“We are very happy to receive this award. The first three phases of the development programme have now been successfully completed, and it is gratifying to receive recognition from professionals in the project sector,” says project director Martti Nurminen.

Ten-year-long project worth EUR 1 billion requires systematic management

According to Nurminen, the programme package has kept to its schedule and its last part will be completed in 2023. The programme management model for the entire development programme is the MPS framework (Managing Successful Programs), which was created on top of Finavia's own project model.

The largest projects in the Helsinki Airport development programme, such as the extension of Terminal 2 and the development of the long-haul flight airport area, were implemented with flexible cooperation models. The implementation of the project and the introduction of new facilities required the cooperation of the entire airport community.

Implementing a large project in an operating airport is a challenge

Despite the development programme, Helsinki Airport has operated continuously. Some of the projects have been implemented as extensions to the old terminal buildings, but a large part of the development work has taken place in the middle of an operating airport. Despite the major renovations and modifications, the passenger experience at Helsinki Airport has remained at a high level. Helsinki Airport was recognised as the best European airport in its size category in 2020.

Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, work at the airport has progressed well. Finavia has taken advantage of the plummeting passenger numbers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by speeding up the development programme. For example, the renovation of the old interior of Terminal 2 was made a year and a half ahead of schedule.

In communications, everyone has a clear role to play and actively maintain

The extensive scope of the programme has involved a huge number of participants, stakeholders, customers and employees. Communication is the key to success. Successful communication requires active, relevant and up-to-date communications with thousands of people in hundreds of companies.

“Well-planned communications based on permanent structures have contributed to the rapid progress of the design and construction work.

In addition to unit-specific and activity-specific planning meetings, the overall communications have included working meetings where different kinds of work are coordinated and entities are created. In addition, information has been collected through stakeholder surveys, which enables listening to the opinions of a larger number of people.

Virtual safaris have also been an essential part of communication. In them, the designers and future users of the premises have been able to see what the premises will look like before the buildings are completed. In this way, the users of the premises have been engaged at an early stage and they have been involved in the planning work. It reduces the need for alteration work in the implementation of the facilities.

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Photo: Olli-Pekka Latvala