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Our favourites at Helsinki Airport – delicious sandwiches

Article published
18.8.2021 at 12:10
Matkustajat kahvilassa
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Helsinki Airport has numerous cafés and restaurants that offer delicious sandwiches and rolls. We found out what passengers like to buy at Upper Crust, Tapio Café and Cafe Tori, and recommendations by staff members on what to enjoy with the sandwiches.

Delicious chicken and bacon baguette, Upper Crust, Schengen area, gate 19

The favourite at Upper Crust is their baguette with chicken and bacon filling - a fresh baguette filled with lettuce, tomato, chicken mayonnaise and smoked bacon.

“The baguette with chicken and bacon filling is one of our top three most popular baguettes every week, so it's really a favourite among passengers,” says Milla from Upper Crust.

Milla recommends a cup of hot coffee to go with the baguette. The children’s play area, conveniently located close to the café, keeps kids occupied with fun activities before boarding the plane.

Upper Crust

Classic shrimp sandwich, Tapio Café, Schengen area, gate 24

The delicious shrimp sandwich includes fresh lettuce and cucumber, rich mayonnaise and shrimps, all seasoned with lemon and black pepper.

The selection of delicacies at Tapio Café offers plenty of choice to celebrate the start of your journey before boarding the plane.

Tapio Cafe tuotteita

All-time favourite: cheese and ham baguette, Cafe Tori, Schengen area, gate 26

At Cafe Tori, passengers favour the classic cheese and ham baguette, often accompanied by various refreshments, including soft drinks.

“The sales of other baguettes vary seasonally, but the cheese and ham baguette has remained a steady favourite among passengers,” says Janni from Cafe Tori.

Cafe Tori Products

At Cafe Tori, you can sit down and relax before the journey and watch the planes parked on the apron. If you wish, you can opt for a convenient take away meal as the café offers a special bag for the purpose.

Numerous restaurants, cafés and shops serve passengers at Helsinki Airport

The opening hours of restaurants, cafés, shops and other services at Helsinki Airport are easy to check in Finavia’s actively updated bulletin. More information about the services is also available in the descriptions of each restaurant and shop on Finavia's website.

Many cafés and shops offer a broad range of take away options and a wide selection of pre-packaged products.

See the opening hours of cafés and restaurants at Helsinki Airport