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Passengers: prepare for queues at Helsinki Airport

Article published
30.8.2021 at 14:09
Menossa lähtöselvitykseen
New travel formalities have been introduced to international air traffic.

Passengers' COVID-19 documents and certificates are checked at Helsinki airport upon departing, at check-in, and again upon arrival.

The manual checking of documents may take time, and therefore, passengers are asked to prepare for queues at different service points at Helsinki Airport.

Please keep in mind that Finavia requires everyone visiting the airport to wear a mask.

Keep these three key issues in mind

  1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, check-in staff will check the COVID-19 certificates of all departing passengers, as required by the destination countries or airlines. These checks take time and there will be queues to the check-in as well. You can speed up the service by finding out, before coming to the airport, which documents you need for your trip. Airlines are responsible for the check-in services.
  2. There may also be occasional queues to security control. You can save time by packing your items correctly at home and finding out what you can carry in your hand baggage and what needs to be carried in the cargo hold. Finavia is responsible for the security control.
  3. Upon arrival in the country, the City of Vantaa is responsible for the checking of covid documents at Helsinki Airport. The Finentry service makes the entry into the country easier.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by possible queues. Finavia will do its utmost to ensure that the situation will only be temporary.

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