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Arrive early at Helsinki Airport in June

Article published
31.5.2022 at 10:32
Kaksi matkustajaa kävelee lentoasemalla
Passengers are requested to be mindful of the increased number of passengers during the summer travel season. Congestion at the airport is the highest in the morning and afternoon, especially on weekends.

Please come to Helsinki Airport well in advance of your departure and set aside more time than usual for check-in procedures, baggage check-in and security controls – even if you are taking a domestic flight.

In June, the number of passengers is the highest during the morning hours between 5:00 and 8:00 and in the afternoons between 14:00 and 18:00. Weekends are particularly busy throughout June.

In June, Terminal 1 security control has limited opening hours. When it's closed, Lufthansa, SAS and Norwegian passengers are asked to use Terminal 2 security control after check-in and bag drop in Terminal 1.

Pack your baggage correctly

Before you start your journey, make sure that your baggage is packed correctly. Refer to our instructions on what you can bring in your hand baggage and what items can be carried in the cargo hold.

Reserve parking in advance

You can reserve parking in advance at Helsinki Airport. By making an advance reservation, you’ll save on parking costs and ensure that you can park your car in your preferred parking area.

The P2 parking building has a special promotion in effect from 4 June to 14 August: book your parking in P2 in advance for the price of €88 per week.

When you drive to the airport to pick up passengers, you can park your car in the short-term parking area or the P1/P2 parking building to get right next to the terminal.

Check your flight information

Helsinki Airport will switch to a single-terminal operating model from 21 June onwards. All flights will be moved to one terminal and the terminal numbers 1 and 2 will become a thing of the past.

We request that passengers and everyone dropping off or picking up passengers at the airport check the flight’s terminal information and departure and arrival times on our website before coming to the airport.

Updated on June 7: Temporary information about Terminal 1 security control was removed.

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