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Corridor renovation in the Schengen Gate area completed

Article published
18.3.2022 at 12:54
Liukutasot pitkällä käytävällä
The corridor renovation in the Schengen gate area, which began in spring 2021, has been completed faster than originally scheduled. During the renovation, moving walkways were installed near gates 16–20, which speeds up and streamlines movement in the area.

“Raising the service level of Schengen and domestic passengers is one of the key elements of our development programme. It’s important that we can raise the service level of the current premises already before the Schengen gate area expands to its final form in the next year and a half,” says Timo Järvelä, Vice President of Passenger Experience and Processes at Finavia.

The new moving walkways and renovated surfaces conceal a large amount of work. The changes required, among other things, reinforcement of several layers of frame structures and the demolition of the concrete intermediate floor over a distance of almost 200 metres.

The moving walkways that make it easier for passengers to move around were lifted into place through an opening in the outer wall in sections of about ten metres. Once inside, they were transported to their final places by means of a 100-metre-long steel track.

Project manager Esa-Pekka Timonen from Finavia is pleased that there was no need to close the area’s restaurants during the project, but the services were open to passengers the whole time. New working methods enabled work to be carried out close to the premises that were still in use.

“Combining new elements with the old frame structure is demanding work. It’s a sign of successful planning and work that the Upper Crust café was operating at the same time as concrete beams were cast under the shop floor,” says Timonen.

Although working hours had to be restricted and planned on the basis of the airport’s operations, the entire project remained on budget and was completed more than 2 months ahead of schedule. The connecting corridor between Terminals 1 and 2 was also renovated during the project. The corridor renovation was completed in February, and the facilities are now open to passengers, airport visitors and staff.

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