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Finavia to invest in runway improvements at Savonlinna Airport in summer 2022

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16.2.2022 at 11:42
Savonlinnan lentoaseman pääsisäänkäynti
The airport company Finavia will invest nearly EUR 3 million in renovating the runway at Savonlinna Airport. The aim is to extend the life of the runway and improve the airport’s energy efficiency. The work will be carried out between 2 May and 24 June 2022, during which time flights to Savonlinna Airport will be suspended.

“We have been co-operating closely with the relevant parties and decided that the renovation work should begin in the early summer. This will minimise the inconvenience to passengers. The renovated airport will reopen just in time for the Savonlinna Opera Festival,” says Mari Nurminen, Vice President, Central and Eastern Finland Airports at Finavia.

In addition to repaving the runway, Finavia will repave the taxiway, expand the runway safety zones, renovate the apron and replace the runway lighting system. The runway was last repaved in 2005. The renovation will help maintain the conditions for flight operations.

Thanks to the use of LED lights, the new runway lighting system will improve the airport’s energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The replacement of runway lighting systems is part of Finavia’s climate programme.

“Savonlinna Airport is carbon-neutral. Using LED lights to replace our runway lighting system enables us to improve the airport’s energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Savonlinna Airport will be closed from 2 May to 24 June 2022. During that time, there will be no passenger traffic at the airport and it will be not be available for use by recreational aviators.

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