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Helsinki Airport's iconic Alepa is open 24/7 – these products are most in demand at the airport

Article published
13.5.2022 at 15:07
Kuva Helsinki-Vantaan lentokentän alepasta
One of the largest Alepa stores in Finland serves customers in the airport's new arrivals hall.

“In our selection, products which can be eaten immediately and taken along are highlighted. The sweet and savoury snacks at the in-house bakery are an absolute hit, and our ovens are in use practically 24 hours a day,” says Alepa's shop manager Mirkka Vesa.

In addition to sushi, salads and baguettes, the airport's Alepa has a special shelf for pick’n’mix sweets, which will delight both Finnish and international passengers.

“Our store also offers beautiful bouquets of flowers from the Finnish Kukkasitomo, so you don't have to visit a flower shop in advance when you meet your loved ones at the airport,” Vesa says.

Service during the small hours of the night

In Alepa, the busiest times occur according to passengers' flight schedules: the store has the highest number of customers between 6–9 in the morning and 14–18 in the afternoon. Lunchtime also attracts people to Alepa’s food shelves.

“Around midnight, rush hour is around 00–02, when many holiday flights arrive at the airport. There is plenty to do well into the night,” Vesa says.

People come to shop at Alepa from near and far.

“We have a wonderful clientele that comes from every corner of the world. It’s nice to catch up with them,” Vesa says.

“Even though we are among the five biggest Alepa stores in Finland in terms of size, for those working at the airport, we are the small and familiar convenience store,” Vesa continues.

As a result of the development programme implemented by Finavia, Alepa is now operating at a brand new location in the Arrivals Hall of Helsinki Airport.

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