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Kittilä Airport announced Airport of the Year 2021

Press release
Article published
5.10.2022 at 09:33
Jani Jolkkonen ja Jonna Pietilä palkinnonjakotilaisuudessa
Kittilä Airport has been announced Airport of the Year 2021 by the airport company Finavia. Customer satisfaction regarding the recently upgraded Kittilä Airport has remained at a high level even during the busy tourist season.

“I would like to congratulate Kittilä Airport for the Airport of the Year award. All of the airport’s personnel have worked systematically on a long-term basis to improve customer satisfaction and actively develop methods. I want to thank everyone for their commitment and for working together for a common goal,” says Jani Jolkkonen, Senior Vice President, Airport Network, Finavia.

According to Mr. Jolkkonen, there is significant variation in the passenger and flight volumes at Kittilä Airport depending on the season. It is important to be able to plan the operations on a long-term basis. At the same time, it is necessary to have the ability to react to changing situations during the Christmas and skiing seasons, for example.

“I am very pleased about the recognition received by Kittilä Airport. Our airport possesses an active work community and great team spirit across organisational boundaries. A good example of our great cooperation, expertise and know-how is the way we prepare for and see through the Christmas period,” says Jonna Pietilä, Finavia’s Airport Manager at Kittilä Airport.

In 2014–2020, Finavia invested MEUR 100 in the development of airports in Lapland. At Kittilä Airport, Finavia expanded the premises, developed the services and increased the capacity. Improvements were made, e.g. to the luggage handling, check-in and passport control facilities and services. In addition, two new taxiways and new parking spaces were added.

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