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New contracted taxi companies to start at Kuopio and Tampere airports in February

Article published
19.12.2022 at 14:54
Talvinen kuva Tampere-Pirkkalan lentoaseman terminaalirakennuksesta.
Finavia has signed contracts with three taxi companies that will provide transport services at Kuopio and Tampere-Pirkkala airports. The contracts will take effect on 1 February 2023.

“We want to provide air passengers with a smooth travel experience and keep the service level as high as possible at all our airports. We have positive experiences of similar contracts at our other airports,” says Jani Jolkkonen, Finavia’s Senior Vice President, Airport Network.

The contracted taxi companies are Kuopion Taksiykköset and Menevä Oy at Kuopio Airport and Tatsilla Oy at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. The companies’ tasks include making sure that taxis are available at the airport whenever there are scheduled flights.

Changes to taxi arrangements

When the contracts take effect in February, the taxi arrangements in front of the terminal will also change.

A separate lane, located in front of the terminal’s main entrance, will be reserved for the cars of the contracted companies.

The other taxis will be diverted to another taxi lane. In addition, Kuopio Airport has its own waiting area for pre-booked taxis.

Selection of the contracted companies

Finavia organised an open tendering process concerning the use of taxi lanes at Kuopio and Tampere-Pirkkala airports. The criteria included, among other things, the ability to provide a certain level of service.

Finavia did not include the customer prices of taxis in the tendering process. Instead, the taxi companies will be responsible for their pricing.

Passengers will continue to be free to choose the taxi company they wish to use.